by Jim Graham Brown

Performed as part of Bath Unplugged Shakespeare Festival February – March 2012

Written by Jim Graham Brown Directed by Heidi Vaughan

If Shakespeare were alive today, would he be writing for Eastenders? If so, what would the storylines be? Jim Graham Brown has written a hilarious soap opera using 3 of the most serious plays – this will be a much talked about part of the festival!

Rehearsals : Sundays in Nov, 7-9.30pm, Sun Dec 4th 10-6pm, Sundays 7-9.30pm Jan-Feb

  • Performances @ The Egg
  • Episode 1: Thur 16th Feb (eve)
  • Episode 2: Tue 21st Feb (eve)
  • Episode 3: Fri 2nd Mar (eve)
  • Episode 4: Sat 3rd Mar (eve)
  • Omnibus edition: Sun 4th Mar 2pm

Review: New Old Friends

“The ending of @theeggbath #MacHamLear has got to be the most insane thing we’ve ever witnessed in a theatre. Mental, and very funny”.