• Resurrection by David Lane
  • Directed by Heidi Vaughan
  • Designed by Carl Davies
  • Lighting Design by Luke Emmett
  • Burdalls Yard, 21-22nd September 2014 (11am,1pm,4pm,6pm & 8pm)

What happens if you search beyond the stories the world has planned out for you? One man responsible for all of our deaths – then new life is breathed through our pages.

Nobody told us we could come back. Until now.

A startling reimagining of Shakespeare’s characters in a visceral new play.

David Lane – Programme Notes

The Engage team came to me a couple of years ago, with an idea about the lives Shakespeare’s dead might have had if they’d not been bumped off in the plays. That was all we had. Over time the idea grew into a much bigger contemplation around fate, who’s controlling our destinies, the power of fathers, families, authors and God, and what it might mean to give voices to those who’ve been prematurely silenced. We also wanted to haul Shakespeare’s magnificently rich themes into the 21st century, creating worlds that echoed his but that weren’t constrained by the original texts: to create a playful and innovative adaptation that would challenge us, the actors and the audience. We also wanted to create a physical space that connected five very different characters, but held them within the same universe. There’s a lot of risks thrown in there – but we hope that’s what makes it exciting.